About the sessions

QSPA is where students gain confidence

Students feel safe, fit in, make friends and move forward in life. Sessions are filled with activities such as drama games, bonding exercises, speech and movement practice, rehearsal, scene exercises, challenges. Students enter the session free from the constraints of school, work and domestic problems. Everyone is welcome and everyone is in the ensemble because they all like doing theatrework.

Working practice

 Sessions are fast paced with every moment filled with activities such as drama games, scene work, rehearsal, and movement.

QSPA works with ensembles.  Each ensemble has its own name with its own aims for the students. Ensembles work differently together. Today, in the theatre industry companies work tightly together, this helps the company to produce a higher standard of work.  The modern actor must be able to fit into an ensemble quickly and well - and thrive from it. 

At QSPA all ensembles are safe, friendly environments. students respect each other and the staff. We don't tolerate any form of harassment, bullying, bad language, bitching. 

Everyone has the right to be in the ensemble. 

What to bring. What to expect.

All students must wear a theatre kit of black top and black pants or shorts. No other wear permitted. 

We work in bare feet, all students must ensure their feet are healthy and clean. 

Long hair should be tied back. 

No dangling jewellery. 

All students should bring a bottle of water.

No technology is seen in session. Technology is set to silent and kept in personal bag. QSPA asks parents and carers not to message students whilst in session unless absolutely necessary. No-one is permitted to ring, text or photograph without permission from session leader. 

All students should eat before session as no food is allowed to be consumed in the building. 

Scripts should be treated with respect and kept tidy and clean in a folder and brought to every session, including performances. Each student should have a pen attached to their script for notation.

QSPA does not allow observers at any time.  

QSPA has been established for years, we have found that all of the above contribute to a safe playful, fun, learning environment within the studio. 

Where is QSPA located


Queensland School of Performing Arts has a studio venue in Nambour CBD. 

Please email for a map to the location. 

There is parking outside the studio and we undertake promenade and seated performances and workshops within this venue. 

Why choose QSPA

Established for 7 years and still going strong.

A flexible, intimate  studio venue.

Strong values in place to keep all students safe and encouraging them to thrive.

At QSPA every opinion is valued, and ideas for performance are encouraged, each student is an important part of the ensemble and can contribute ideas to the director at any time.

All we ask for is commitment to sessions and performance. 

A happy, freethinking space for lovers of theatre.